Ziricote Hardwood Fountain Pen – 806008


This pen has been created specially as a gift for a friend in Italy. He was a very successful kart racer in the 1980s finishing 3rd in the 135cc World Championships beating Formula 1 icon Ayrton Senna on the way. He now runs a high class furniture company in Milan.

The pen had been made from Zircote (pronounced  zi·ri·co·te  \ ˌzirəˈkōtā \) which has a very unique appearance, sometimes referred to as “spider-webbing” or “landscape” grain figure.  The grain is straight to slightly interlocked with a medium to fine texture and a beautiful natural luster. It is quite a rare timber being found only in southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.Common uses for Zircote are:  Furniture, veneer, cabinetry, gun-stocks, musical instruments (usually acoustic and electric guitars), and other small turned objects. Once the body was turned to size the surface was finished with several grades of abrasive finally using 1600grit. A coat of clear lacquer was then applied, allowed to dry and then de-nibbed with more 1600 grit. This process was repeated eight more times before the final coat was buffed with a micro-fibre cloth.

The thought process I had when designing the pen was that the wooden portion should represent Ruggero’s love of high quality furniture, whilst the highly polished chrome plate hexagonal components hinted at the engineering incorporated in the race cars and karts he so successfully competed in. The black & white chequered band was an obvious hint at his kart and car racing life.

As can be seen in the photographs, the hexagonal knib unit un-screws to reveal a screw suction pump to fill the ink reservoir. This reservoir assembly can be pulled away from the knib and replaced with a standard international type ink cartridge of any chosen colour ink.

Another unique design feature is that the pen top with its clip is removed simply by pulling away from the main body. It is held in place with a rare earth magnet so should not accidentaly come apart in normal use.


Handmade Pen Product Details

  • Made in the Tamworth UK by Mike Topp
  • Polished Ziricote hardwood  body / Highly polished Chrome plated  metal components
  • Impressive eyecatching pen – impress your friends!
  • Easy to replace ink cartidge – or use thge incorporated ink reservoir

What’s Included with your Pen Purchase

  • Includes the handcrafted fountain pen in the pictures shown above
  • Includes ink reservoir – ready to use
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Additional Information on Handcrafted Pens

  • All of the pens on The Forest At Your Fingertips website are handmade and handcrafted on a lathe in my workshop
  • Most products will ship within 48 hours
  • Each pen is unique, no two will ever be alike since they are handcrafted works of art
  • All pens are shipped in boxes, and packed carefully


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