Motorcycle Kickstart Action Pen – American Black Walnut – 809016


Capture the thrill of the open road with this beautifully crafted Motorcycle Pen Kit.
Each and every component is thoughtfully designed and finished with breathtaking detail for a look that is pure open road cruiser. From the straight pipes to the muscular lines of the old school single cylinder engine with kickstart mechanism, your custom-built pen will make a statement.

The pen tip features a fierce, intricately cast eagle head with the engraved words, “Ride Hard. Live Free” as a band above the eagle head. A true to life old school single cylinder engine adorns the pen end. A machined shock absorber sits beneath the engine while the engine’s straight exhaust pipes act as the pen clip. On the shock absorber you’ll find a super cool “kickstart” mechanism that replicates the kickstarter on the motorcycle. This mechanism functions the same way as my Bolt Action pens to smoothly advance and retract the refill.

The body of the pen is made from American Black Walnut. It would be hard to overstate Black Walnut’s popularity among woodworkers in the United States. Its cooperative working characteristics, coupled with its rich brown coloration puts the wood in a class by itself among temperate-zone hardwoods. To cap it off, the wood also has good dimensional stability, shock resistance, and strength properties. It is often used for the following: Furniture, cabinetry, gunstocks, interior paneling, veneer, turned items, and other small wooden objects and novelties.

Once the body had been turned to size on the lathe the surface was finished with several grades of abrasive finally using 1600grit. A coat of clear lacquer was then applied, allowed to dry and then de-nibbed with more 1600 grit. This process was repeated four more times, before the clients requested logo was replicated as a water-slide transfer. This was applied to the lacquered pen body and left to dry overnight. Once dry another four coats of lacquer were applied each being lightly sanded. One the final coat had been achieved the cylindrical body was coated in hard Carnuba wax and then buffed to a high sheen. The final assembly then took place ensuring all composed aligned correctly with the encased Croix De Fer log.

The Parker style refill can be removed by unscrewing the Eagles head and sliding out the spring and refill.

Handmade Pen Product Details

  • Made in the Tamworth UK by Mike Topp
  • Polished American Black Walnut hardwood  body / Chome plated metal components
  • Impressive eye catching pen – impress your friends!
  • Easy to replace Parker style Gel or std ballpoint refill

What’s Included with your Pen Purchase

  • Includes the handcrafted ball point pen in the pictures shown above
  • Includes Parker type ink refill ready to use
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Additional Information on Handcrafted Pens

  • All of the pens on The Forest At Your Fingertips website are handmade and handcrafted on a lathe in my workshop
  • Most products will ship within 48 hours
  • Each pen is unique, no two will ever be alike since they are handcrafted works of art
  • All pens are shipped in boxes, and packed carefully


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