Moon & Stars Lilac Pen – 231201


This pen has been made with the astronomical theme of moon and stars depicted in the gold plated fittings. The wooden body is made from a single piece of Lilac wood which was cut to length prior to turning. By using this method the grain and colouring of the wood follows through from top to bottom. Lilac has the latin name Syringa vulgaris. It has a number of legends and customs associated with its iconic blooms. First and foremost is the story behind its botanical name. Syringa was a beautiful wood nymph in Greek mythology. The god Pan spied her one day, lusted for her and took chase. Depending on the version of the story, to get away from him, she either transformed herself into a reed or a lilac bush, both of which make great flutes. Ultimately, Pan won because he made a flute from her disguise and it never left his side from then on.

So its quite apt that this pen was made as a set to celebrate a couples engaement. Combining together the legend based on Syringa and Pan along with the decoration of stars and moon seems so appropriate.

When making the pen body, the two parts were turned on a common mandrel to approximate size before being sanded with decreasing grade of abrasive papers. When the surface felt very smooth to the touch the grain was sealed with a coat of cellulose sanding sealer. before the final sanding with 1600 grit cloth.  Water-slide transfers were then created with the couples names. These were applied on the smooth surface before allowing to dry overnight. A coat of clear  lacquer were then sprayed and allowed to dry for several hours. This process was repeated six times until a glass like finish was achieved.

Once the lacquered had hardened the various parts of the pen were carefully assembled to ensure the grain on each part followed through.

The Parker type refill is changed by simply pulling the two wooden halves of the pen apart. Then the extended mechanism is unscrewed. See photgraphs for detail
Compatible refills are available from all good stationery stores.

Handmade Pen Product Details

  • Made in the Tamworth UK by Mike Topp
  • Polished Lilac wood  body / Gold & enamel  metal components
  • Impressive eyecatching pen – impress your friends!
  • Easy to replace ink cartidges – “Parker” style refill available at most stationers

What’s Included with your Ballpoint Pen Purchase

  • Includes the handcrafted  pen in the pictures shown above
  • Includes black ink refill – ready to use
  • Includes velvet protective pen sleeve
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Additional Information on Handcrafted Pens

  • All of the pens on The Forest At Your Fingertips website are handmade and handcrafted on a lathe in my workshop
  • Most products will ship within 48 hours
  • Each pen is unique, no two will ever be alike since they are handcrafted works of art
  • All pens are shipped in boxes, and packed carefully


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