Lilac Chrome Vertex Ballpoint – 231202

Unfortunately was a commission so is not for sale


This pen was made as a very special gift. I was asked to include the wording if possible. So I chose a piece of lilac wood from my garden. Its a native of Northern Europe, grown as a domestic shrub or tree so it tends not to produce large diameter blanks for turning. Its latin name is Syringa vulgaris. Lilacs are often considered to symbolize first love. Lilac has the latin name Syringa vulgaris. It has a number of legends and customs associated with its iconic blooms. First and foremost is the story behind its botanical name. Syringa was a beautiful wood nymph in Greek mythology. The god Pan spied her one day, lusted for her and took chase. Depending on the version of the story, to get away from him, she either transformed herself into a reed or a lilac bush, both of which make great flutes. Ultimately, Pan won because he made a flute from her disguise and it never left his side from then on. Rather appopriate I feel as the pen is one of a set to celebrate a couples engagement.

The Vertex is a push-button operated ballpoint pen.  Fittings are made of  striking hexagonal steel with a highly polished chrome plated finish.

The Lilac body was hand-turned in my workshop a meer 3 metres away from the Lilac tree that produced the pen blank. Having been turned to almost exact shape and size, it was then smotthed with various grakes of abrasive paper ranging fro 320grit to 1200grit. Two coats of sanding sealer were then applied with a slight sand to de-nib the surface. Water-slide transfers were then produced with the wording on. After leaving to dry overnight the transfers were applied and again left to dry..Several light coats of Melamine lacquer are then used to seal the transfer in place each being allowed to dry before a light sand to de-nib the surface before it was buffed with soft cotton cloth.

To replace the ‘Parker’ typel refill simply unscrew the hexagonal tip from the body.Ensure the spring at the top of the body tube is not lost during this process.



Handmade Pencil Product Details

  • Made in the Tamworth UK by Mike Topp
  • Hand turned from Lilac / High gloss chrome plated finish
  • Easy to replace standard Parker type refill available at most stationers

What’s Included with your  Pencil Purchase

  • Includes the handcrafted pen in the pictures shown above
  • Includes velvet protective pen sleeve
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Additional Information on Handcrafted Pens & Pencils

  • All of the pens on The Forest At Your Fingertips website are handmade and handcrafted on a lathe in my workshop
  • Each picture of a pen is the actual pen that you will receive
  • Most products will ship within 48 hours
  • Each pen is unique, no two will ever be alike since they are handcrafted works of art
  • All pens are shipped in boxes, and packed carefully


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